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Hi everyone!  Thanks for visiting the website we built for our climb of Khan Tengri in 2004.  Our current projects are www.womow.com.au and www.myeverest.com

The purpose of this site is to give you some background into Khan Tengri and to give you regular updates on our climb. We intend to update the trip report section of the website each day with some pictures and a journal entry using a satellite phone and an Ipaq. This is the first time we have tried this communication system, so it will be a learning curve & we apologize in advance if there are any technical difficulties!

 Khan Tengri from Basecamp  Descending from Summit  Summit from Above

Where is Khan Tengri?

Khan Tengri is the most northern 7000m peak in the world. Itís located in Kyrgyzstan very close to the borders of Kazakhstan and China. We are flying into Alamaty in Kazakhstan then taking a 7 hour car trip to Karkara and then a 40 minute helicopter flight into the Khan Tengri base.

How high is it?

Khan Tengri is 7010 m high at it highest point which is an icy cornice. Some maps show the Khan Tengri as being 6995m high because the former USSR used to record the official height of a mountain at the height of the last rock.


For a detailed history of Kazakhstan and some pictures of their money, visit: http://www.greatestcities.com/users/cbray5003/Asia/Kazakhstan/