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Technology Used on Khan Tengri

To update this website, we are using 4 main pieces of technology.
From left to right we have a solar charger, digital camera, satellite phone and Ipaq.

To take our pictures we are using a Canon S50 digital camera (shown in photo) and a Pentax S4i digital camera.  These are then uploaded onto the Ipaq and resized using Pocket Artist V2.7 so that they are suitable for use on the web.

The Ipaq is an HP 2210 running Windows Pocket PC 2003.  Using the Satellite phone, this connects through the internet to a server back in Melbourne.  The server is running Windows Server 2003 with Movable Type blogging software.  The Ipaq runs a third party blogging client called Pocket SharpMT to create the live updates.

The satellite phone is a Hughes 7101 on the Thuraya satellite network. The phone supports both GSM and satellite networks, acts as GPS receiver, can send and receive SMS's and is a Hayes compatible modem. Click here to send us an SMS.

We have a data cable and a null modem cable connected to the Ipaq to make the connection to the internet (using either Telstra Bigpond or a Thuraya ISP). The connection speed is 9.6K, so we won’t be sending too many large pictures! If anyone is interested in the call costs, we are paying US$1.20 per minute. We advise against calling us, as the costs are about AU$10 per minute using any of the Australian telephone companies.

And finally, we have a solar powered charger to charge the PDA and phone batteries (plus a whole heap of cables that we hope we can work out when we're up there!).